I was hopelessly lost in a life of sin. Then I met and fell in love with Jesus. I didn’t just know of Him, or know about Him, I fell in love with him. That changed EVERTHING.

By the summer of 2013, I had read, read, read, and read the Bible and many books. I had become so in love with Jesus. More than anything I wanted others to join me in this love. I would look around some of the sin surrounding our culture, and it would break my heart. I heard a lot of world statistics and they crushed me. My mind was blown over some of the stories I read as well. One of the most alarming statistics that I could not get out of my mind was this: The world has over 6.8 billion people, and liberal estimates put the world at about one-third Christian. Most of those in reality are nominal Christians by name association only, for political reasons, social reasons, cultural reasons, etc… But even if all those people were really followers of Christ, that still leaves over 4.5 billion people in the world today that, at this moment, are on a path that leads to a hell that goes on and on and on forever.

Four and a half billion people. Let that number sink in. Four and a half BILLION people. That is unbelievable. I could not get that out of my head.

Now this statistic does not mean everyone needs to move overseas to be a missionary. But it does mean we need to be doing something! Locally or internationally; we should not be satisfied with 4.5 billion people who don’t know Jesus.

Hearing God

Around this time I began to feel like I knew, eventually, I was being called to move overseas to serve. Now again, it wasn’t just the above statistic. That, to me, simply means Christians should not be satisfied keeping the good news to themselves. I began to feel like my family was being told to move overseas by God.

I know some of you will think, ‘Wow slow down Jon…, you mean you feel like you actually heard God tell you this?’ Well Yes and no. I didn’t hear an actual voice, but it was something I just knew. I cannot put into words in a way that adequately expresses it, but in every fiber of my body I knew God was telling be that eventually He wanted me to move my family overseas.

Arguments with God

At first I kind of didn’t want to think about it. Actually there was no kind of, I definitely didn’t want to. In fact I would argue about it with God, and try to make it seem like something else was what I was supposed to be doing. I will try show what I was feeling, thinking, and doing, but it might come off as a confusing ramble. It kind of went like this over a few weeks:

God- “You and your family need to move overseas to serve.”

Well God, there are a lot of ways to serve…I feel so compassionate towards homeless people…I think I am being lead to serve, and help the homeless.

So that is what I began looking for. I started looking for opportunities to serve the homeless and creating relationships with them. I even began pursuing career paths I could go into that involved serving the homeless. Happy God?

God- “You and your family need to move overseas to serve.”

Well God, there are just so many serving opportunities here. I am a good teacher; it’s one of my gifts. So I will pursue some sort of different teaching opportunity. Maybe we can move to the inner city…maybe I can work at a Juvenile correctional facility. Yeah something like that.

I spent countless hours looking into jobs that involved working in an inner city school, prisons, juvenile correctional facilities, etc… I was very serious in this job search because I wanted God to tell me, “Yes, that’s what I meant I wanted for you.” Happy God?

God- “You and your family need to move overseas to serve.”

Looking back, I almost would say that materialism and fear had a hold on me. Yes my love for Jesus was amazing. Yes, I felt like I would be willing to give up anything for Him…abut wait…would I????

I keep saying I would do anything for Him, because He is worth it. Is He?

I am so sorry God…I have been disobeying you. I do love you more than anything. I’m listening. What do you want me to do?

God- “You and your family need to move overseas to serve.”

United Paths

Finally I felt convinced that God was laying this on my heart. I knew I would have to talk to Ashley about this. Strangely, I found this very hard to do. What if she didn’t support me? What if she thought I was crazy? I breathed deeply and brought it up to Ashley.

Ashley was blown away…

Here is the coolest part. I mean, this is a moment where you can look back and see the sovereignty of God controlling every aspect. Ashley was feeling the same way I was. She actually prayed that morning, “God if you are telling me what I think you are telling me please lay it on Jon’s heart as well.”



Even now I have many fears about the fact that we are pursuing selling everything and moving overseas. However, I know a God that is worth losing everything on this earth for. I want to be radically obedient to Christ. Comfort, wealth, prosperity are meaningless compared to the reward of finding Christ. He is all we need. We don’t need movies, or restaurants, or health, or comfort, or nice clothes, or new cars. Getting other people to know and love Him is more important that anything in this life.
I have read several books on missionaries, missions, etc… and many times something tragic happens. I ask myself, what if this causes me pain. What if my life if taken? Or worse, what if something tragic would happen to my family? Even that, as hard as that is to imagine, is worth getting the gospel out there to the billions upon billions of lost souls. I know that no matter what happens that He is worth it, He is worthy of our worship and praise. Even typing this out, the thought of these things, I am exploding inside for the love I feel towards our savior and what He did for us.


I am NOT saying a Christian needs to move overseas to serve. There are countless opportunities to serve locally. I want to be clear. I am not pursing moving overseas as a way to show people my love for God. There are several ways I can do that here. Some of the things I mentioned earlier are great. Help children, people in prisons, homeless people, etc… There is one specific reason why we want to move forward with moving overseas. Obedience. I don’t know why, I don’t know the reason, but God is telling us to do this, and we just want to obey Him.


Matthew 28: 16-20
The 11 disciples traveled to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had directed them. When they saw Him, they worshiped, but some doubted. Then Jesus came near and said to them, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”


We will remember, no matter what, He is with us, always.