Part Seven

*When I first sat down to write this blog on Bud’s cancer I originally thought that it would be just one blog, not seven. It was not my intention to write a short book on this. As unexpected as the length was, if you read it all I hope I accomplished the goal which is stated in the main title of these past seven blogs. I hope in parts one, two, and three you saw that cancer is extremely painful and ugly. I hope in parts four, five, and six you were able to see how it is also such a beautiful story full of grace, love, peace, justice, and assurance. I want to conclude was a brief summary and expansion of these topics from parts four, five, and six. A crash course on the past lengthy blog entries.

Crash Course

“The cross of Christ is the only hope for a world mired in suffering.” David Platt

Christ’s sovereignty is essential for understanding our pain. He is sovereign over all evil and suffering. He is sovereign over our temptations, pleasures, and even actions. If He isn’t sovereign over all these things, then you can’t be sure of anything He has said. Thankfully he is in control of ultimately everything. Christ knows everything. He knows everything that has happened, everything that is happening, and everything that will happen- and He will not forget. God will never be surprised by anything you do. He knows every deep dark thought you have. How loving is it, that despite knowing some of the darkest parts of us, He still sought us out, loved us, and saved us. Since God is all knowing we can always trust that His purpose is always right, and his purpose will always succeed. God is perfectly holy and good. God never sins. Many times our suffering will not make sense. We only have a man perspective; we can’t see the whole picture.

Yes God is in complete control but man is responsible for making evil choices. From Genesis 3 to almost the very end of the Bible man is morally responsible for their choice of sin. That’s why you can see the beauty and love of God redeeming us through the suffering of Jesus. You see all throughout the Bible, man making choices and being held accountable- but God, in His sovereignty ordaining it. The people responsible for crucifying Jesus- they were responsible but it was also ordained by God before they were created. It is but a glimpse of His power. It may not always make sense. It doesn’t have to, because we remember he is with us and he is for us.

It’s all about God. It’s not about us. It is about God’s name being glorified. It is about His glory. It’s not about you or me. In the end, we don’t matter. Only God matters. Our suffering, our sin, our pain will be long forgotten a million years from now. God’s glory won’t be. In a billion years He will still be worthy of our worship, our praise, our surrender, in a trillion years and beyond He will still be all that matters. Forever, and ever and ever He will be the only lasting joy that can satisfy us. This is why we must surrender the desire to center the world on us.

Genesis 8:21
When the Lord smelled the pleasing aroma, He said to Himself, “I will never again curse the ground because of man, even though man’s inclination is evil from his youth.”

Why did Bud get cancer, he was a good guy. No he wasn’t. No one is. We are all evil. Before you disagree you should realize, I’m not saying that- God is. Not just in Genesis 8, all throughout the Bible. His grace pours over us. To fully understand and appreciate the level of this we must realize this fact- we are sinful, evil, people. And yet, Christ chose to be our savior. He chose to atone for our sins through His suffering. We don’t deserve it. Nothing we do could ever deserve it. That’s why we can say again and again, it’s all about God. We could drown in the amount of grace shown towards us.  The point I want to make here is this- we are all sinful, we don’t deserve God, we can’t earn God, but, because of His grace, we Christians get God. One day we will all be held accountable to God. Knowing Jesus as our Lord, savior, and master justifies us before God.

This is Bud’s reality. This is




and beauty.

This is the Gospel.