One year ago on Thursday I lost my father in law and friend. It feels like an eternity since I have had the joy of talking with him. I miss him. I don’t think that feeling will ever fully go away on this earth.

I know Thursday will be filled with tears and pain. But it will also be a joyous day. The music video above “Holy Wedding Day” is so beautiful. Bud breathed his last breath on this earth with this song playing in the background. I am so thankful we have such a loving savior who seeks us out.

I have gone in detail in the past about all the emotions involved with Bud’s death. Right now I just want to ask for prayers as the next few days will bring out many memories (especially for Ashley and her family). In addition, please pray for Aiden and Naomi. I always get the feeling Aiden keeps a lot of emotions about his pap inside. It is a lot for a five year old to handle and understand.


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