*The following statistics found in this blog, as well as the inspiration for sharing a true story, come from Secret Church 15, “Counter Culture”.

Abortion is a topic that seems everyone has an opinion on. Sadly, Christians often seem to be rather silent on the issue. The fear of offending someone has taken over. This is a difficult topic, but difficult topics can be discussed in a loving way. As a Christian, this is not a topic that we should remain silent on.  David Platt recently stated that abortion is “The Modern Day Holocaust.” Millions upon millions of babies being slaughtered and it is acceptable and encouraged my many in our society. Randy Alcorn did a good job summarizing  our culture’s stance on abortion, “In Illinois a pregnant woman who takes an illegal drug can be prosecuted for ‘delivering a controlled substance to a minor.’ This is an explicit recognition that the unborn is a person with rights of her own.  But that same woman who is prosecuted and jailed for endangering her child is perfectly free to abort her child.  In America today, it is illegal to harm your preborn child, but it is perfectly legal to kill him.”

The statistics in the USA on abortion are staggering. Since 1943 over 45 million babies have been aborted. Roughly 1.4 million babies a year, about 3,000 every single day. Some estimates say that around one third of American women have had an abortion at some point. One third of American women. This is shocking. This is a crisis.

Even more shocking are the worldwide statistics. Over 42 million babies are aborted globally every year. That equals around 115,000 abortions every day. Every second that passes equals 1-2 babies aborted.

There are many ways I could go about talking about abortions. I could talk about how the Bible makes it clear that the womb contains a person formed in the image of God. I could talk about all the science behind a fetus, such as the fact a heart is beating at around six weeks. But instead I would like to share a story with you. A true story.

This story is about a woman. I do not know this woman’s name. I do know that she had a life threatening disease. She became pregnant and was most likely not married. In the context of the culture she lived in, her life was most likely extremely hard. Upon the news of being pregnant she had to be devastated. “How can I care for a baby? How can I provide? How can I care for this child with my life threatening disease?” I’m sure some of these questions went through her mind. Maybe someone close to her suggested a secret abortion.

Regardless the story or circumstances, one thing is clear. She chose life. At around 2:00 a.m. on April 10, 2013 she was taken to a hospital. She was rushed to the maternity ward and gave birth to a boy child. Reports say it was a rather quick and easy delivery.

Around 6:30 a.m. she went to the restroom to clean up and dress. She left.

Police came to investigate and discovered the name and address she gave the hospital were fakes. They had no way to track down this boy’s mother.

Some might read this story and naturally, without much thought, think of this woman as a coward. After all, she did abandon her baby boy. Who could do that? It’s easy to be judgmental of people with little to no thought. I look at this mother as brave. She cared for and loved this baby enough to carry him for nine plus months, and to ultimately choose life over death.

I am grateful for this woman beyond words. The little boy she chose to care for and deliver now runs up to me, throws his arms around my leg, and yells, “Daddyyyyyyy” Some nights I lay next to him and watch him sleep. I can’t help but to think of this wonderful woman who gave him life.

I can’t help but cringe at the reality that there are millions of “Chizas” out there that aren’t so lucky. There are millions and millions of children every year whose life gets snipped, vacuumed or poisoned away in an instant. They deserve us to fight for them. This really is a “modern day holocaust.”